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Big Eye Perch

Big Eye Perch Fish looks just as it sounds- big eyes, largemouth, and luscious reddish skin. It has extremely white flesh and moist texture.

Scorpion Fish

Scorpion fish is exactly how it sounds, bright, vibrant, and extremely prickly with numerous spikes all over its body. Find this fish amongst the coral reefs and in shallow waters.

Tasmanian Scallops

With orange roe and glossy meat, Tasmanian scallops have a beautiful shape and presentation. The clean and freshwater of Tasmanian guarantee quality.

Scampi Large

Scampi is famous for its sweet, delicate flavor with nearly no other shellfish that can compare with them. A small quantity caught and high-quality meat.

So Why Choose Nrakum?

Our customers will always be number one. We promise to always provide you with the best seafood you can find.

We always attempt to purchase from sustainable and well-managed fish stocks whether caught in the wild or from responsibly farmed so you can enjoy eating our products with a clear conscience.

Nadir Rakum, CEO and a Founder