The Best Countries For Seafood In Africa

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The Best Countries For Seafood In Africa

Got a hankering for oysters, crab legs and freshly-caught fish? Luckily, Africa is full of seafood destinations to satisfy your cravings. Whether you like it cooked, steamed or eaten raw, these African countries have it all. Get ready to have a seafood feast of your life, here are the best countries for seafood in Africa.

South Africa

You can’t go wrong with finding seafood in South Africa. Home to the Knysna oysters and calamari capital of the world, this country is the place to get your shellfish fix (and also everything else). The top cities to get the best seafood are Durban and Cape Town, where it’s not unusual to snack on crab legs with a spectacular view of the ocean.


Imagine your server bringing you a tasty, curried-flavored seafood in an earthenware pot (tagine). He/she removes the lid just in time for you to bask in the smell of cooked shrimp and anchovies mixed with spices. Morocco’s seafood cuisine is also largely inspired from Spain, so it’s common to find seafood paella dishes (pictured) in local restaurants. Order a pot of traditional mint tea to wrap up the meal and reminisce over your fabulous dinner.


Get your seafood on a stick here. You’ll want to head to Zanzibar in Tanzania, a haven for seafood lovers as bazaars are swarmed with vendors selling everything from octopus, to squid, to lobster. Locals are gaga for their seafood here, so you won’t have to venture far from your hotel looking for an authentic dish.


Did you know that Mozambique’s cuisine is still largely inspired from Portugal? Find your Portuguese seafood dish in one of the many waterfront restaurants scattered throughout the country. Mozambique’s largest city, Maputo is conveniently located by the sea, making it a perfect paradise to get your seafood fix. Foodies, order the prawns — trust us.


Egyptians love their fish and thankfully, their oceanfront location makes this country one of the top places to get seafood. Visitors will find a wide range of seafood dishes such as paella and fish soup. Whether you’re traveling in Cairo, Alexandria or Port Said, you won’t find fresher seafood fare.